How to Improve Brain Function Naturally with Nootropics

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Before we discuss how to improve brain function naturally with nootropics, let’s start off by defining what nootropic means and outline the important role nature plays in our evolution…

Definition of Nootropic: a substance that enhances cognition and memory and facilitates learning

Therefore, natural nootropics consist of specific brain enhancing herbs, foods, medicinal mushrooms, beneficial bacteria, and even animals (fish oil and deer antler for instance).

The Human Brain, Nootropics, and Evolution 

The human brain is an amazing example of the natural creative power that has been evolving on this incredible living planet. For the last 200,000 years our species has been shaped by the environments in which we have lived and the plants and animals we have consumed. Some of these organisms had a particular emphasis in shaping, evolving, and rewiring our brains. Today these substances are known as natural nootropics.

Around 35,000 years ago, for reasons that are still being debated, the human brain began massively transforming in many areas on the planet. Inspired cave art started showing up throughout Europe and Asia expressing a profound realization of our connection with nature, a deepening self awareness, and most likely use of psychoactive plants. These well preserved paintings were left to us as records of the shift that was happening at that time.

Today we are also amidst a rapid and powerful transformation of our brains. We are learning about neuroplasticity, neurogenesis, and how we can strategically improve brain function with natural nootropics. These are powerful times and it is such exciting news that we can assist the brain in its process of natural evolution.

Our Favorite Natural Nootropics and Their Main Benefits

If you want to begin using nootropics in your health regimen we recommend you start with ones from the list below. These food and herbal nootropics have significant scientific data to prove that they can improve brain function naturally.


Lions Mane Mushroom

1. Lion’s Mane Mushroom

– Stimulates production of Nerve Growth Factor
– Improves memory
– Supports concentration
– Helps with anxiety and depression


Bacopa Leaf

2. Bacopa Leaf

– Improves memory
– Supports concentration and focus
– Helps with anxiety
– May slow the progression of degenerative brain conditions


Rhodiola Root

3. Rhodiola Root

– Adaptogen
– Aids concentration
– Increases energy
– Helps with depression


Amla Berry

4. Amla Berry

– One of the top Rasayanas in Ayurveda
– Traditionally used to sharpen the intellect
– Said to enhance food absorption
– Rich in beneficial minerals and vitamins
– Balances the nervous system



5. Blueberries

– Improves memory
– Neuroprotective
– Longevity tonic
– Blood sugar balancer
– Tastes delicious


Cacao Nuts

6. Cacao Nuts

– Boosts mood
– Supports energy levels
– Increases motivation
– Tastes amazing!


Gotu Kola Leaf

7. Gotu Kola Leaf

– Supports memory
– Relief of mental fatigue
– Helps with anxiety
– Anti-inflammatory
– Calming to the nervous system


Schisandra Berries

8. Schisandra Berries

– Modulates cortisol
– Adaptogen
– Boosts nitric oxide
– Helps with concentration and focus
– Supports normal circadian rhythms


Ashwagandha Root

9. Ashwagandha Root

– Adaptogen
– Helps with anxiety
– Neuroprotective
– Assists healthy sleep patterns


Green Tea Leaves

10. Green Tea Leaves

– Mild stimulant
– Boosts mood
– Increases motivation
– Potent antioxidant
– Neuroprotective


Advancing Human Potential with Natural Nootropics

All of us have the potential to thrive and contribute meaningful service to the world, but this is often stifled by lack of empowering information and degenerative conditions that affect the brain and our ability to think and act clearly. Luckily, by including these incredible natural nootropics into our daily health practice we can assist and improve brain function on many levels including supporting memory, focus, mood, motivation, neurotransmitters, and nutritional deficiencies.

There are many more natural substances which can improve brain function that could be added to this list, however, these are our personal favorites. Of these ten, Lion’s Mane Mushroom is probably our most favorite as it’s effects are wide reaching and uniquely regenerative for neurons.

Nature has given us profound tools to expand our awareness and this may be just what we need in order to meet the challenges we face and to move forward in a sustainable and joyful way.

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