Table of Contents

  1. Business Description and Reason for Sale
  2. Financial Information
  3. Location and Sales Region
  4. Business Strengths and Competitive Overview
  5. Neural Boost Products Details
  6. Operations and Inventory
  7. Marketing and Future Growth Potential
  8. Offering Price and Terms
  9. Contact Information

1. Business Description and Reason for Sale

Restorative Remedies Inc. has been in business since January of 2016 and is in Good Standing with the IRS and Colorado Department of Revenue. The company is a registered S-Corp in Colorado under the ownership of Tristan Summerfield.

The company sells a dietary supplement called Neural Boost, which is a certified organic, vegan and paleo friendly, whole food, and herbal powder mix designed to support memory, mood, and focus. Sales are made on and shipped from the companies GMP manufacturer in the USA (details available upon signing a non-disclosure agreement).

Most dietary brain supplements are in capsule form whole Neural Boost is a delicious powder mix. This makes it unique in the marketplace and is ideally suited for those who follow the principles of Paleo and Vegan/Vegetarian diets, those who enjoy smoothies and bulletproof coffee, and for entrepreneurs seeking enhanced mental productivity.

I, Tristan Summerfield, have decided to sell the business to someone who can take this product (and other products I have developed) and expand its sales potential. Because of other business ventures I operate, I simply don’t have the time to work on this business full time. If you already have a sales platform (online or physical store) and/or have the passion and time to take an already established company and continue its growth, then this could be a great opportunity for you or your company!

2. Financial information

Over 1,000 bottles of Neural Boost have been sold generating $26,750 in revenue as of 01/15/2018. The product has sold for between $25 to $35 a bottle. A detailed Profit and Loss statement is available upon signing a non-disclosure agreement.

3. Location

The business is registered in Colorado and the product is sold online, however, this can easily be transferred to a new location and additionally be sold in physical stores.

4. Business Strengths and Competitive Overview

5. Neural Boost Product Details

  • certified organic
  • vegan and paleo friendly
  • made with whole food and herbal powders of cacao, coconut, blueberry, coconut sugar, bacopa, lion’s mane mushroom, rhodiola, amla, vanilla, nutmeg, and sea salt
  • contains no fillers, binders, flow agents, or preservatives
  • bottled in recyclable, USA made, blue glass to protect the ingredients from light damage
  • manufactured in the USA at a GMP and Certified Organic Facility
  • tastes like chocolate coconut with a hint of herbal flavor

Neural Boost Organic Brain Food Supplement for Memory, Mood, and Focus Support

Neural Boost Full Label


6. Operations and Inventory

As an online based company, sales come in year round 24/7, are easily processed through, and then shipped directly to the customer from the U.S. warehouse. October through February are the peak sales months. I, Tristan Summerfield, am currently the only employee of the business making money from sales of Neural Boost.

My background includes – Master’s Degree in Nutrition, Certified Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner, Certified Holistic Health Practitioner, Trained Herbalist, Natural Chef, Official Member of the National Association of Holistic Wellness.

As of (10/15/2017) there are currently 260 bottles of Neural Boost available for sale.

7. Marketing and Future Growth Potential

The brain health and nootropic industry is currently one of the top trends in natural product sales according to statistics done by Penton Inc. Thus there is tremendous potential to market Neural Boost and other products I have developed as some of the top products in this industry.

The product is currently only sold to customers in the U.S. but there is also a great opportunity to sell this product internationally as well, such as in Japan.

The current target market for the product is 25 – 40 year old men and women looking to increase their mental performance, particularly in regards to their career.

8. Offering Price and Terms

Asking price for Restorative Remedies Inc. with all shares held by you = $14,000

Asking price for Restorative Remedies Inc. with 90% of shares held by you and 10% of shares held by Tristan Summerfield  = Negotiable

Contents of sale include ownership of:

  • All remaining Neural Boost products (currently 200 bottles as of 01/15/2018)
  • Social media accounts connected to Restorative Remedies (Facebook and Instagram)
  • S-Corp status of the business
  • Registered Trademark on Restorative Remedies
  • Trademark in use for Neural Boost
  • A list of potential additional products including ingredients and amounts
  • Established relationship with a well respected U.S. based manufacturer
  • One-on-one mentorship for how to take over and expand this business
  • Potential to pay me an hourly contractual fee to support the growth of the business

9. Contact Information

For more details about Restorative Remedies and Neural Boost please visit If you are interested in this excellent opportunity to acquire and grow this business, please contact me at with details about who you are and why you would be a great fit to take over this company. If it looks like something we could pursue, then I will send you a non-disclosure agreement that you would need to sign and send back to me. Once I have that, I can give you further details about the specifics of the business.

I look forward to hearing from you!


Tristan Summerfield, MA, CHHP, CFDNP