Natural Support for Nerve Damage and Nerve Regeneration

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If you have suffered from nerve damage, I am pleased to say that there are many natural substances that can assist the body with nerve regeneration. The prestigious website has this to say, “Since the surprising finding that injured axons in the mature central nervous system can re-grow, there has been dramatic progress in our understanding of the molecular, cellular and circuitry level responses to injuries to the adult mammalian central nervous system.”

I would like to share a personal story that can attest to nerve and axon regeneration. Back in 2010 a close friend of mine experienced 4 inches of severe nerve damage in her lower leg in which both the axon (inner threadlike portion of a nerve) and the sheathing (outer portion) were disintegrated. She could no longer move that portion of her leg and was on crutches.

When we visited with neurological Doctors they said that the severity of the damage may mean it would never fully heal. As a dancer this was crushing news for her. With no allopathic hope in sight we turned to natural remedies for the answer. Luckily, I was a trained Nutritionist and Herbalist and decided to investigate the clinically validated ways to naturally regrow nerves.

We found three powerful neurorestorative substances and got her on a daily regimen of using them for two straight months. When the two months were complete I am happy to say that she had complete nerve regeneration of both the axon and sheathing and was able to walk again, and dance! I am still in contact with her today and she is in full health.

When we went back to the Doctor to have them test her nerves they were simply astounded to see that they had fully healed. We were truly surprised as well, and made it a mission to share this information with others.

Below are the three natural solutions that she used with links to scientific studies proving their effectiveness in this area.

Deer AntlerDeer and Elk Antler Extract

Deer and elk antler extracts are full of growth factors such as IgF-1 and IgF-2. These compounds have been shown to significantly improve axon number, diameter, and density as well as significantly increase myelination or sheathing of nerves. While it may seem strange that antlers can be used as a medicinal agent, remember that antlers regrow each year and as shown can be many feet in length. Check out this study of locally applied IgF-1 on nerve damage.


Colostrum is the first food produced by mammals. It is a pre-milk and is loaded with growth factors for the new born to quickly grow and develop. Colostrum from grass-fed, humanely raised cows has also been shown to beneficially impact human nerves. It contains IgF-1 and IgF-2 as well as other growth factors. Doctors in Sweden said, “IGF-1, found in colostrum, stimulates bone and muscle growth and nerve regeneration. Topical administration to wounds resulted in more effective healing.”

Lions Mane MushroomLion’s Mane Mushroom

Lion’s mane is a beautiful medicinal mushroom, as you can see. Hot water extracts from the fruiting body have many benefits for nerve damage. Expert mycologist Paul Staments states, “About a dozen studies have been published on the neuroregenerative properties of lion’s mane mushrooms since 1991, when Dr. Kawagishi first identified NGFs in Japanese samples. Since his original discovery, in vitro and in vivo tests have confirmed that hericenones and erinacines stimulate nerve regeneration.”

As you can see, modern research has proved the effectiveness of natural remedies for supporting nerve damage. Also, my personal story is anecdotal proof of the power of these three amazing substances.

I am so excited to share this important information. If you are experiencing or know anyone who has nerve damage, please send them to this page so they can begin to look more into these substances and use them for nerve support!

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